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Medical conferences, congresses and exhibitions 2019

Office of Canadian pharmacy
The key issues of legal security of the pharmacy, the effectiveness of the organization of staff, financial planning and development of the medical business will be considered.

Innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Leading cardiologists of the world will discuss with colleagues the latest achievements in the field of treatment of diseases with the help of the latest drugs.

Ensuring the quality and availability of medical care when recording and receiving patients
We make a plan of measures to improve the level of patient care, increase patient satisfaction. For heads of clinics, deputies for commercial activity and marketing, heads of contact centers and call centers, heads of administrators

Advanced training of medical registrars
The course helps to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge for the formation of practical experience, contains theoretical and interactive parts that contribute to the effectiveness of drug administration.

Wide Price Gap
The price difference between buying one’s medicines in the US and from a Canada pharmacy is considerably huge. Case in point: A prescribed medicine for depression may fetch a huge amount worth 250 dollars while the same brand of the same medicine might cost a customer a mere 150 dollars. Drugs used in treating allergies are rather expensive in the US, what with the $100 tag price that they carry; compare that to the same brand-name allergy medicines sold in Canada at only $30 and one could expect the average American to weep.
Meanwhile, a prescription medicine for treating high blood pressure can be had from a Canada pharmacy for only 150 dollars, which is a far cry from the $250 sticker price put on the same medicine bought at a pharmacy in the US.

Price Review
The big impact of price controls in lowering the price on prescription medicines sold in Canada cannot be overstated. The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board was put into place by the Canadian government for the specific purpose of monitoring the prices set by pharmaceutical companies on their prescription drugs to make certain that they do not go overboard.

Strict Rules Apply
The moment that the Review Board determines that a certain drug just released by a manufacturer goes beyond an agreed median price, it efficiently orders a price reduction on the said drug before the manufacturing company can sell it.
For example, if the agreed median price for an allergy medicine in several countries, which include Canada and the US, is set at $100, a new drug has to conform to the said price in order for it to be sold in the market. Moreover, the Review Board does not entertain any further negotiations on the part of the pharmaceutical companies on the subject of price reductions.

Guidelines from the Review Board
A Canada pharmacy has to adhere to several rules strictly enforced by the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board before it can sell prescription medicines, whether in Canadian shores or in the US.

Consider the Rate of Inflation
All prescription drugs that any pharmaceutical company currently sells should carry a price that will progressively increase without exceeding the inflation rate. For example, if the inflation rate for a particular year is set at 2%, the price of an antidepressant drug is also expected to increase by 2% only.

Nothing New
It does not matter if a new drug that is about to be released by a drug manufacturer has undergone a lot of research and has required a big amount of investment in its development. A new drug that is manufactured and sold in Canada cannot have a sticker price that goes above the price of existing drugs having the same components. On the same note, a revolutionary prescription medicine cannot be sold at a price that exceeds the median price set for similar drugs.

In Defense of US Drug Companies
Pharmaceutical companies in the US are quick to point out that the expense of funding their research studies is what makes their prescription medicines expensive. On one hand, American citizens benefit from the studies that directly affect how their health conditions are treated and improved. On the other hand, a Canada pharmacy also benefits from the research and development efforts of US drug manufacturers because it does sell many of the latter’s products in Canada as well as online to American customers.

Canadian Pharmacy Online

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